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After attending Nova Scotia College of Art Design, Micheal Burrell founded Flying Armadillo Sign Company in 1977. For more than a decade, FASCO produced outdoor advertising billboards for companies such as Nike, Maker's Mark, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Miller Lite, Rainbo Bread, Hanna Barbara, Piedmont Airlines, Pepsi, Ale-8 Bottling Company, as well as many more.  Flying Armadillo's special skills were well suited to the highly pictorial and varied subject matter needed for many corporate clients.  With the invention of computer generated billboards in the early 1990s, Flying Armadillo changed its focus to a more commercial based sign market.  FASCO utilized pictorial and design skills in this area also, working with colleges, hospitals, small businesses and large corporations to meet their signage needs.  Flying Armadillo Sign Company continues to provide prompt service and exceeding quality for its' customers.  If you have any questions or comments, select our "Contact" page by selecting the link on the left of this page.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact Flying Armadillo!  
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Jamie Jamie Hatfield
Service technician and welder

     About Max...

Max is in charge of security and customer relations.
Introduced to the Burrell Family:  May 2000

Breed: Shetland sheep dog
Favorite snack: everybody's lunch
Favorite thing to do: chase squirrels (& play with other dogs)

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Max was featured in the Ann Mason  Mural (city side) by popular demand.

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