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Nude Sitting
'nude sitting': watercolor

'Aqua Nude'

'Outside Woman in Color'
Braves Study
Braves study: Sketches colored in computer
Brave Study
Brave study: pencil
Three Bears
'Three bears':  watercolor
'Arturo':  watercolor
Utterly Cow Fish
'Utterly Cow Fish': watercolor
8 1/4" X 11 7/8"
Nude in Rattan Chair
'nude in rattan chair':  watercolor
|'Waiting' pen & Ink
5" X 9"
Island Woman
'Island Woman' pen & Ink
5" X 9"
'Jaguar': pen & Ink
Heavy Load
'Heavy load': pen & Ink
Boy in Cap
'Boy in cap': pen & Ink
The Boys Gathers
'The Boys Gather': pen & Ink
At Study
'At study': pen & Ink
The Skater
'The skater': pen & Ink
At the market
'At the market': pen & Ink

Butterfly Face
'dinner': pen & Ink


Girl with Stripes - Arangement

Girl with Stripes - Large

Hand in Hair

Landscape Orbes

Man in Chair

TV Sketches
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